Some thoughts

This not just random thoughts​. But something more than that. Everyone wants a perfect married life,perfect partner, perfect family. Everything should be perfect. But is there anything called “PERFECT”?? My answer is no. A big no. We had studied in physics about perfect gas.

In physics, a perfect gas is a theoretical gas that differs from real gases in a way that makes certain calculations easier to handle.

Actually there no such thing like perfect gas. And the perfection we expect is also like this. In this world nothing is perfect. It’s only a mere thought or a concept we put as a benchmark or standard for our comparisons. The standards for perfection varies from person to person according to their ideologies. 

This thought of perfection is the real cause of every breakups, every failed marriages, failed relationships. When a person enter into a relationship with this, he/she is expecting according to the principles of perfection. When the principles doesn’t match then life becomes unhappy for them and arises the thought of adjustments. Eventually these adjustments becomes intolerable and then to a burden. Finally life becomes nothing less than a hell. 

Everyone search for perfection in everything. Accepting the imperfection and finding perfectness in imperfection is the best way to approach life.

The problem starts when he/she is entering into a relation with a lot of emotions which is beyond the requirement. They starts to measure their relations with their perfection scale. When it gets​ broken, depression, anger comes to rule out life. We forgets to live the life in the process of making perfect life. It will be near the end of our life when we reach our perfection. 

Life is a one time experience. I am not saying to enjoy every moment, but live its every second, feel every mini second. Be with your loved ones. Be aware that our loved ones have also there lives. We don’t have to invade their space, their priorities. Because in process of being with our loved ones, they will give you back the same care, respect, trust which we expects.

Always remember that “Nothing is permanent in this world.  So Never get obsessed with anything or anyone”. Something is always leaving/left/to be left. Go ahead and make your life meaningful in every aspect. Have a good life.



Shy, reticent girl who would rather prefer lunch with family than go to a gym, pluviophile who loves to be with nature

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